CCMC Review Update – November 14, 2016

Over October and early November, I have been continuing detailed consultations with stakeholders and analysis of the issues arising from the Code of Banking Practice Review and the CCMC Review.  Consultations have included with consumer representatives, government officials, individual banks, banking industry representatives, individual bank customers (see the link to Having a Say) and ombudsman staff.

To make the work of analysis manageable, I have divided the issues register for the Code into 10 key areas – plus 1 for the issues related specifically to the Code Compliance Monitoring Committee.  See section under the link Issues for a summary of the matters under consideration for both the Code itself and the CCMC.

Interested stakeholders are welcome to continue to offer input to these issues, however I am not seeking any further formal submissions to the Review.  A brief email targeting specific issues would be the most assistance at this stage.

At this stage, the Review timeline is very tight, and we have a number of quite complex issues to work through – but I am continuing to press ahead to meet the promised deadline of December 31.

Phil Khoury
Independent Reviewer