CCMC Review Update – October 4, 2016

As my analysis, research and consultations continue, I will be progressively listing issues that have emerged on this website.  Please now find posted on the Issues page of this website a summary issues register as at early October.

This includes the main issues that I have drawn from the submissions and other inputs and from our analysis.  It is described as ‘progressive’ as my team and I are still working through the extensive list of issues raised.

Note that as previously advised, the list may not be exhaustive, as some issues are out of scope for this review, some have not yet been researched or tested.  Nor does the short form of the summary allow for every aspect of every issue to be listed.

Note also that the issues listed are those that specifically reference the CCMC and its mandate.  There may well be issues raised in the Code Review itself that potentially cross over into CCMC issues.

Phil Khoury
Independent Reviewer